Monday, 9 December 2013

STYLE NOTES - Summer Stripes

As another Summer rolls around, a sense of fun and festivities fills the warmer air. Weekends call for more socialising, more entertaining and more reason to dress for the party season. So what do you wear to a weekend soiree where enjoyment is key, and style is more casual? A striped tee is a must in any wardrobe and is a great way to look up to date without having to try too hard.

How to wear it-
Stripes can be tricky and there are some simple rules to follow when choosing a stripe to flatter your shape. Visually, a horizontal stipe does draw the eye widthways, so choosing a stripe to suit you is important. Opt for very fine horizontal stripes in darker colours if you want to camouflage your stomach or you carry your weight in your upper body, including a big bust. Small busts can wear wider stripes in bolder colours and a high boat neck will enhance the bust.

More tips on stripes:
  • Gradients in the stripes can strategically draw the eye to your best features
  • Stripes on angles can visually draw the eye, i.e. to your waist
  • Vertical stripes on trousers create the illusion of a longer leg
  • If stripes scare you, then team your tee with a jacket or cardigan to block the width of the stripes across your bust or tummy
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Our STYLEnotes tips come from Melbourne stylist and personal shopper Sally MacKinnon

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